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Haptic toys

Haptic toys    Haptic toys    Haptic toys

Haptic puzzle

A hard A4-format board contains around 20 pairs of the same shape or from the same material, which are placed randomly on the board.

The child searches for the same pairs and by doing so trains its fain motor skills and learns to distinguish different shapes and materials from one another.

Price of the haptic puzzle: 5 €

Haptic Memory

The game of haptic Memory contains 10 pairs of simple shapes. The child tries to find the same pairs.

Price of the haptic Memory: 5 €


This game contains 10 shapes split in half (mainly symmetrically).

The child combines the halves back together.

Price of the Half-Shapes: 5 €

Cinderella`s picking out

Cinderella`s picking out is hidden in a small canvas sack. It consists of different types of cleaned fruit stones: 20 cherry stones, 10 plum stones, 10 apricot stones and a peach stone. Furthermore it contains a big walnut and a wooden acorn. In contrast to the rough fruit stones, the sack also contains smooth legumes. The enclosed manual will give you ideas for how your child can benefit from Cinderella`s picking out. Children might know, how bean soup or lentil souptastes like, but do they know of what shape beans and lentils are? This purely natural toy takes children to the old times, when children used to play just withobjects they`d found in nature and at home.

Playing with Cinderella`s picking out helps children to train their fine motor skills and improve their math skills with the help of natural materials.

Price of Cinderella`s picking out: 6 €

Cinderella`s picking out           Cinderella`s picking out

Cinderella`s picking out           Cinderella`s picking out

The game of Opposites

A set of 10 to 14 hard cards, which show children a variety of opposites in sizes and material qualities. They can feel the differencewith their own hands: hard, soft, smooth, rough, knobbly, elastic, solid, smooth etc. They learn how to tell apart small and big. The set of cards comes in a transparent plastic case with a zipper.

Price of the opposites: 6 €

The game of Opposites           The game of Opposites

Sound toys

Children with visual impairment will most surely appreciate out textile sound toys. The toys are made of fabrics pleasant for touching, are filled with textile hollow fibresand they contain sound elements (inserted box with beads, bells). Thanks to the sound of bells and other sound elements, the toys are easily to be heard when being played with. The sound toys are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

DollJingle-Clink: 10 €

CatMicka: 9 €

Rabbit Sniffy: 9 €

Textile sound toys can become great companions for your children and will please their touch as well as their hearing.

The sound dolls are 45 cm tall.

Sound toys     Sound toys     Sound toys

Sound toys     Sound toys     Sound toys


This toy is intended especially for children with a combined disability, forwhom itis too difficult to explore a haptic book. The story in the bag contains approximately 10 simple symbolic objects that you can place in the hand of the child as you are telling the story. The individual symbols are small models of the real fairy tale characters or objects from the story (Red Riding Hood, wolf, basket with fruits, bed, hunter, stones etc.). The child can create the story along with the storyteller (put the wolf in the bed, cover him with a blanket, put apples in the basket etc.). The fairy tale accompanied by haptic perceptions becomes far more interesting and lively for the child.

Price of the Story-bag can differ from 13 € to 16 €, depending on difficulty of the production of a particular story bag. The size of a Story-bag is 25 x 45 cm.

Little Red Riding Hood

Babes in the Wood

The Giant Turnip

Story-bag      Story-bag      Story-bag

Story-bag      Story-bag      Story-bag

When playing with the haptic toys, the child should be accompanied by a parent or a teacher, who describes the toys and supports and encourages the child.

Haptic toys contain small parts and are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Shipping and packing is not included in the price and depends on the size and weight of the particular goods (amounts approximately to 5 € – 10 €)

The goods will be delivered within 60 days.

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