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Haptic books

How does a haptic book for children look like?

The book is handmade. It is a set of approximately 10 hard cardboards with pictures. The pictures are simple, formed by overlaying pleasant, interesting and often natural materials. The used materials are selected sothat they remind of properties of the real objects, which they represent (a tree is made of wood, animal is furry, mushroom is made ofsoft foam). The pictures enable minor manipulations –stroke an animal, pull its ear or tail, open a window etc. The pages are numbered and equipped with simple story text in both Braille and black print. Parents can expand the text according to their imagination. Topics of the books are suitable for children of preschool age and early school age, but they can bring interesting experience and diversity also to older ones.

When playing with the haptic toys, the child should be accompanied by a parent or a teacher, who describes the toys and supports and encourages the child.

Haptic toys contain small parts and are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Haptic books in our offer:

New! Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Little Red Riding Hood
Babes in the Wood
Bad boy: The Story of Budulinek
The Story of Great Turnip
The Magic Porridge Pot
Domestic Animals (Cow Cloverie and her friends)
Forest Animals
Animals from the ZOO
Means of transport
Fruit and Vegetables
Blackbird and the Sun
Babu and Adu (The story of a girl and her dog)
The World Around Us

Price of each book is 45 € + shipping

Shipping and packing is not included in the price and depends on the size and weight of the particular goods (amounts approximately to 5 € – 10 €).

The goods will be delivered within 60 days.

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