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About the Author

Mgr.Veronika Haiclová (born 1966)

Mrs. Haiclová graduated from special education at the Faculty of Education of Palacky University in Olomouc in the year 1990.

She became interested in the making of haptic pictures for blind children already during her studies. The reason and inspiration for her work was the lack of haptic learning tools in educational institutions for blind children, where she did her practice.

Since 1998, Mrs. Haiclová worked as a social rehabilitation counselor for blind and partially sighted people in Tyfloservis o.p.s.(Public Utility Establishment) in Olomouc. Here she applied and developed her tyflographic skills by making haptic maps, certificates and other images for blind adult clients.

Meanwhile, however, she still created products for blind children – especially haptic fairy-tales books and games.

With her haptic books she took part in the international competition in haptic books creation called “Tactus and Tyflo” which takes place in France. In 2005, Mrs. Haiclová participated with classical stories “The Story of Great Turnip” and “Babes in the Wood”, in 2006 she sent haptic books “Blackbird and the Sun” and “Babu and Adu”, based on her own ideas.

She attended conferences and specialized seminars in Poland (2002) and in Slovakia (2004).

Mrs. Haiclová is currently working mainly on further making of haptic books and toys for blind children. She is continually enriching her work with new ideas and products.

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